Common mistakes in bachelor thesis

These common mistakes in master theses and other academic papers are easy to avoid with just a few tips and tricks:

Bibliography: always completely uniform or exactly according to template

Footnotes: If in doubt, better because there is a separate view (design view / footnotes) and a list can be created here. This e however or try to ask about how to assignment help .g. copy into a Word document and then mark and alphabetically “sort” – so you can quickly compare the citations with the bibliography

Binde-Strich (without blanks and short) connects – indent separates (with blanks and long (“half-dashed line”) mostly with “old” -command)

In the citations, unfortunately, there is often disagreement – but mostly: after the point: whole paragraph (or coherent unit) is cited, before the point: only sentence is quoted.

For numbers, the stroke is also long (“bis-dash”, for example, pp. 13-45) and no blanks

“Man” is considered male and is better to replace. Instead of “one assumes” “it can be assumed” – in most diploma theses strict gender rules apply ….

before “and” + “and” no comma

Numerals: Until twelve, these are written out, except, e.g. Chapter Numbers (“In Chapter 3 ….”)

Duplicate spaces: Use the Edit / Find / Replace function to replace them with simple ones, until only simple ones are left.

New page for diploma theses always insert with / page break, not with paragraphs, otherwise shifts everything with changes.

Instead of “she” or “that’s”: “which ones” or “which ones” etc.

I’ll be glad to help if there are still other problems, with more than 20 experience as ghostwriter we will surely find a good solution quickly, even if it is for example and the frequent problems with the formatting, here is my website also a practical pattern. Basically: All errors in diploma theses are easily avoidable, I like to help.