Pattern formatting thesis

Here you can download a sample of the formatting for your diploma thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis or bachelor thesis and other scientific work. This facilitates the work considerably. On request I can also take over the formatting.

Download and adapt formatting pattern

If your institution does not have an appropriate template, or if it is only available as a PDF or in paper form, this pattern of a diploma thesis formatting always proves to be very helpful. It can also be adapted relatively easily to the respective requirements for the diploma thesis, which is, for example, Font (Times instead of Arial), font size (11 instead of 12) or the page spacing. The various headings levels are already given and can be easily adopted, as well as the creation of table of contents, table of figures and table index.

In practice, it has proven to be very helpful if a template is already given, and you do not sit in front of a blank sheet, especially if you have less experience in Microsoft Word.

An often sought assistance is also the right citation, here there are innumerable forms, in over 90% however the short quote is used, which is explained just as briefly in this video.