Tips for bachelor thesis

I am happy to give you tips for my bachelor theses from my many years of experience as a lecturer and ghostwriter. As with the other forms of scientific work, the right supervisor should be chosen, as well as a topic that is already well known or for which you are very interested and have a suitable sample work.

  1. Interview with experts before the start

Before starting with the research and perhaps getting lost in the wrong direction, it makes sense to seek an external expert on the subject and to consult by phone or in person. Usually these experts are willing to provide important information, e.g. Tips on concrete content, structure or sources. In addition, this conversation can also be cited in the work. In no case should the supervisor be the expert, this usually increases the effort for the bachelor thesis and increases, for example. the correction effort, since the supervisor often has very precise ideas, but this insufficiently communicated from lack of time.

  1. The right method and the subject

The field also plays a significant role in the choice of method. On the one hand, due to subject-specific practices, e.g. Economic topics are usually more practically oriented; sociology topics have a stronger scientific orientation and a correspondingly larger methodological section. It is important that you feel as safe as possible with the method.

  1. Get a sample job

It is also very helpful, if a colleague, also of a previous year, who ideally wrote a positively assessed work with the same supervisor, gets this Bachelor thesis as a sample. From a learning theory point of view, it is always easier to have a given, analogous model than to orient oneself according to a confusing abundance of rules. The pattern then usually contains just the right formatting, the right structure and the citation or the bibliography corresponds exactly to the ideas.